Throughout the years of developing in our profession, we have tried by our partnership to minimize your responsibilities and tasks, which are connected with the accounting and administration obligations, which you have as an owner of company. By offering you accounting services with a contract for monthly subscription we are giving you calmness as we take in the whole responsibility related to the accounting activity, observing the deadlines, tracking changes in the legislation and all other hurdles. Your responsibilities are only to give us the prime accounting documents , which allows you to use your time to develop your business and maximize your income.

Full Accounting and tax service:

Proccessing the current accounting documents in accordance to the IFRS;

Adequacy control of the primary accounting documents;

Preparation and issuing of VAT declarations;

Preparation and issuing Intrastat and VIES declarations;

Preparation of declarations anytime for the needs of banks, National revenue agency, insurance agency and statistical agency;

Preparation of reference for debts and receivables of the company;

Checkup and following for owing taxes and fees;

Calculation of the current financial result;

Closing of yearly books and making yearly financial reports;

Preparing in time all of the required tax declarations in accordance to the actual tax leglislation;

Taking the documentation from the client’s office;

Tax and accounting consultation;

VAT registration;

Following for due terms for issuing declarations, references and payments;

Tax and insurance forecasting and planing;

Calculation and allocation of taxes and insurances;

Preparing of payment slips;


The tax legislation is the most dynamic in our country and regardless of its legal form, amount and  the branch of your business – the tax effect seriously concerns every decision you make. The role of our specialists is to provide you in time tax effective decisions for the decisive questions you have. Also to provide you the perspectives and the consequences accurately and professional and together to eliminate the tax risks. Also our specialists will consult you on optimizing your taxes effectively.


Reporting of the employment and social security:

Formation of the required documents for the appointment and dismissal of employees;

– Submission of notifications to the NRA;

– Forming of labor books;

– Processing of salaries, accruals, deductions, indemnities and social security contributions;

– Drawing up salary scales, calculating sick leave and holidays;

Reporting insurance relations – monthly calculation of the different types of social insurance in compliance with the social security legislation and the contracts provided to the staff, as well as preparation of payment orders for the transfer of the insurances according to a predetermined bank and account;

– Submit information to insured persons before the NRA;

– Submiting of ambulance sheets;

– Providing business notes, references and income statements;

We will take care of the impeccable accounting of employees’ employment relations with your company, by consulting you about the tax-insurance effect and the due contributions to the budget before the appointment, which will prevent unwanted sanctions and minimize your company expenses. Once we have decided together on the most appropriate form of appointment, we will work on drafting your employment records to fully meet the statutory requirements by notifying the National Revenue Agency and filling your employment or social security book. After the expiration of the monthly period, we declare the due taxes and contributions to the NRA, provide a completed payroll, salary slips and breakdowns of salaries for each employee or worker, as well as completed payment documents for repayment of the tax liabilities of the company.


Representation before the Revenue Agency:

Our partnership is not restricted only to provide you accounting services – it is our duty also to represent our clients to the NRA regarding their obligations to submit declarations, reports, complaints, etc. similarly by submitting them on their behalf, as well as receiving, on their behalf, acts, messages, notices, etc. The service also includes a place and contact from the company for carrying out inspections and audits by the NRA. We will protect you as we would protect us.